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Keeping comfort at the top of mind while creating innovative, sustainable denim can sometimes be challenging. And as denim trends continue gravitating toward looser and more relaxed silhouettes—further answering the desire for coziness—the industry must act fast.

One denim manufacturer that’s managed to crack the code, offering an array of sustainable products without compromising that comfort or demanded performance, is Twin Dragon Marketing Inc.

“Comfort, performance and sustainability are at the core of everything we develop,” said Stephanie Poon, director of marketing and merchandising at TDMI.

One product pushing the needle forward for the Los Angeles-based manufacturer is Smart Soft, Twin Dragon’s line that encompasses fabrics made with proprietary spinning techniques in the yarn to create a soft, velvety hand feel for added versatility. Some items in the Smart Soft line also incorporate Tencel for a silky texture and eco-friendly factor.

TDMI’s latest collection, AtmoS Denim, is another line solidifying the mill’s commitment to the “perfect blend” of coziness and sustainability, according to Poon. Atmos Denim uses 100 percent recycled hollow fibers to create a soft and spongy feel while thermoregulating the wearer’s temperature.

“Comfort isn’t just about how something feels on your body, it should also be the ability to keep you dry and cool when it’s hot and cozy when it’s cold, which is what [AtmoS Denim] does,” said Poon. “We think this collection is the future [of] denim developments; multifunctional fabric that is sustainable for the planet and the wearer.” 

New innovations also produce added performance, which boosts durability. When it comes to fibers, Twin Dragon is “using eco-wise performance fibers like Repreve, Ciclo—enhanced degradation polyester—and Tencel and lyocell in our collections like Cotton-Less and Zero Cotton,” Poon said, explaining that the former cuts down on the use of cotton while the latter omits the use of it altogether. “Fabrics made with these fibers have better recovery and added durability in the lightweight categories.”

While TDMI has made significant strides toward a more sustainable denim industry, the company has no plans to slow its innovations down anytime soon. “Every step in the planet-friendly direction counts,” said Poon. “Starting small, continuing to evolve and improve [our] processes are some major ways we’re contributing to a better tomorrow.”

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