TDMI is dedicated to preserve and protect precious natural resources for the next generations by achieving to produce the cleanest denim on earth. We are continuously developing and experimenting new ways to improve production processes that can help mitigate damage to our planet. Instead of doing more, sometimes the solution is to do less, which is how we came up with the concept in “Less is More” indigo dyeing. Contrary to conventional indigo denim dyeing, TDMI is embracing lighter indigo dye shades to attain medium to light washes more efficiently and sustainably. The less dye in the fabric equates to less energy, water, and time used to wash the garment down to its final form. We have a variety of hues in the mid-indigo range. Our most popular colors are Dutch Blue and Aruba Blue, bringing flexibility to customers by helping them do more with less.

In addition to reducing dye depth for optimal color, the type of dye we use combats excess toxic chemical release into fresh water sources. The less indigo saturation, the less discharge of contamination is released. The use of Liquid Indigo is the cleaner alternative to powder dye. Over 3 million pounds of waste water sludge is eliminated and a reduction of 60%-70% of Sodium Hydrosulfite and caustic soda chemicals is seen in this formulation. This dye is also better for workers’ health by the significant decrease in exposure to chemicals that would be used with powder dye.

TDMI’S declaration
to preservation

Social Responsibility

100% Recycled Water

We have eliminated the wasteful use of fresh water at our Mexico mill by working with the local government to offer residential areas clean water for their use first. The government collects that used water and filters it to send to our mill for manufacturing, rendering the water utilized at the production level- fully recycled. This procedure is traced and certified by the government.

Sustainable Manufacturing

We start with eco raw and recycled materials that are crafted and curated as the base of our design.  By utilizing Repreve, Lyocell/Tencel, hemp, Ciclo and Recycled Cotton combined with USCTP certified cotton, we forge a sustainable foundation to pair with climate-friendly processes and chemicals such as DyeStar Cradle 2 Cradle certified Liquid Indigo and Ozone Finishing. 

Through 2022, we have achieved diverting 23,911,011 million plastic bottles from landfills and we have saved enough water to provide 2,788 people their daily drinking water for 1 year. Today, 80% of all our items incorporate a sustainable element and we are well on our way to making that statistic 100%. 

Recycled plastic bottles

Sustainably sourced raw material wood pulp

Biodegradable polyester

The gold standard for sustainably grown cotton

Our Mission

Dedicated determination to preserve and protect precious natural resources for future generations by making the cleanest denim on earth

Liquid Indigo

Liquid Indigo is an eco-friendly dyeing alternative that is cradle to cradle certified. It increases shade stability and significantly reduces caustic soda and water usage. Since 2017, we have saved over 25 million gallons of water by using Liquid Indigo.


Eco-finishing is a process that utilizes specialized machinery to significantly reduce water consumption by eliminating the need for a rinse and de-size step in the garment washing procedure. This finishing technique saves 15 gallons of water per yd.


We converted many of our finishing procedures from using gas burning machines to electric power, which decreases the release of carbon into the air (Eco-finishing) and eliminates hazardous discharge of chemicals.

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