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TDMI has an in-house sample department for outstanding product development and quality testing. We stay alert to emerging trends and develop innovative textiles based on constant market research analyses. After development, all sample and production fabrics go through strict quality control processes across internal and third person testing facilities.

We pride ourselves on providing exceptional customer service with quick response programs and fast turnaround. With production facilities in China, Vietnam, Mexico, and Central America, Twin dragon can easily drop-ship to manufacturers across the globe. We continue to bridge with manufacturers strategically to benefit from many of the major global Free Trade Agreements in order to offer the best options for our customers.

Our Mills


China mills currently have a capacity of 60 million yards per year of premium denim. We are equipped with the latest machinery, from spinning to finished fabric with modern indigo slasher dyeing and vintage rope dyeing capabilities. The mills incorporate sustainable E-Flow finishing to facilitate water, chemicals and energy savings. Ensuring no local cotton is utilized, all items are created using USCTP certified cotton and integrate recycled raw materials.


Vietnam mill location is vertically integrated, from yarn spinning to fabric production which significantly cuts tariff costs for our customers taking advantage of the TPP trade agreement.


Mexico mill was the first to implement liquid indigo and Eco-finishing processes in 2017. We have a responsible production capacity of 24 million yards annually. In addition to a new state of the art spinning facility to increase capabilities of specialty yarns and fibers to finished fabric, the mill also specializes in eco raw materials in a variety of categories- 100% cotton, comfort stretch, Lycra dual-fx, recycled and natural with trash fabrics.

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