A collection made with Japanese + sustainable fibers using the most advanced innovative technology

Lighter Weight

Introducing the AtmoS Collection

AtmoS is made using the latest and most advanced innovation in Japanese fiber technology and sustainable fiber. This breakthrough technology features high-tech fiber with a unique structure that has a hollow center and built-in air spaces that allows for high thermal insulation leading to temperature regulation. The fiber’s approximate 30% hollowness gives it the distinctive property of being lightweight and spongy soft. AtmoS fabrics have a smooth surface texture that is gentle on the skin with a very soft hand that adds to great comfortability. Additionally, these fabrics are also easy to care for.

Airy Lightweight

Soft Hand

Easy Care


Cashmere Denim

Cashmere denim offers unparalleled luxury and comfort. Crafted from finer-than-cashmere recycled fibers, it boasts a plush, rich feel. With anti-see-through properties ensuring confidence and modesty, built-in UV protection, and wicking and cooling functions for comfort in warmer weather, it elevates both style and comfort for any occasion.

Plush Comfort


UV Protection

Wicking & Cooling

High Thermal Insulation

Airy in the Summer

AtmoS is a versatile fabric collection for an active lifestyle. From the office and commuting to after work recreation and outdoor adventure. It serves as modern day workwear with extended wear technology. Fabric designs utilizing AtmoS deliver superior cooling effects in warmer environments by fully leveraging the fiber’s high thermal shielding properties.

Better Warmth Retention

Cozy in the Winter

The thermal shielding properties of AtmoS fabrics also contribute to its warmth retention in the winter season. This collection retains warmth better than fabrics produced using 100% cotton, which results in a comfortable microclimate throughout the year.

Experience Unbeatable Comfort and Style with AtmoS Fabrics

Shape Retention & Spongy Comfort

AtmoS fabrics’ unique attributes combine consistent shape retention and durability with an amazing soft and smooth hand, while retaining 24/7 comfort for everyday wear. It performs better in preserving its shape compared to 100% cotton fabric. With its durability and sustainability, AtmoS is a great choice for your comfort performance denim collection.

The 3 Pillars

Did You Know?

Innovative fibers like that used in AtmoS are part of our 360° responsible manufacturing approach. We believe that sustainable denim manufacturing not only involves the use of eco-friendly materials but also considers the entire production process.

Our 360° Responsible Manufacturing Approach

We prioritize sustainability and make sure to include eco-friendly elements in all our new developments and creations. In 2022, we focused on expanding our commitment to sustainability under three foundational pillars.

Pillar 01

Planet-Friendly Fiber

Pillar 02


Pillar 03


Pillar 01 - Planet-Friendly Fibers

It all starts with fibers

To maintain responsible manufacturing, we start by sourcing and using fibers that have natural, recyclable and degradable properties. We prioritize using traceable, certifiable, and circular fibers to build an eco-conscious foundation, which we pair with climate-friendly processes.


Lyocell is a fiber that is made without any toxic chemicals and uses less than half as much water than cotton requires. Additionally, lyocell is natural and fully biodegradable with strong tensile strength indicating its durability and longevity.


Recycled Cotton
By using pre-consumer cotton, we are diverting textile waste from landfills and reducing the need for new cotton production, which saves water, energy and reduces greenhouse gas emissions.


Recycled/Enhanced Degradable Polyester
Our Mexico mill will use recycled and biodegradable polyester in all items that require poly.

Pillar 02 - Eco-finishing

Less is more

TDMI is embracing lighter indigo dye shades to attain medium-to-light washes more efficiently and sustainably. The less dye in the fabric equates to less energy, water, and time used to wash the garment down to its final form.

When it comes to finishing:

Liquid Indigo is an eco-friendly dyeing alternative that is cradle to cradle certified. It increases shade stability and significantly reduces caustic soda and water usage. Since 2017, we have saved over 25 million gallons of water by using Liquid Indigo.

Eco-finishing is a process that utilizes specialized machinery to significantly reduce water consumption by eliminating the need for a rinse and de-size step in the garment washing procedure. This finishing technique saves 15 gallons of water per yard.

We converted many of our finishing procedures from using gas burning machines to electric power, which decreases the release of carbon into the air (Eco-finishing) and eliminates hazardous discharge of chemicals.

Pillar 03 - Eco-washing

360 Circularity

At TDMI, we strive to design fabrics that aid in efficient eco-washing to complete the green manufacturing cycle. Using sustainable fiber and eco-finishing is only half-way to achieving eco-circularity, we provide the options on how to successfully wash garments in the most responsible way. Our products are designed to be laser-friendly that are suitable for eco-wash processes, requiring less water, energy, and hazardous chemical discharge.

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