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On a mission to reduce its environmental impact, denim manufacturer Twin Dragon Marketing Inc. (TDMI) is increasing its sustainable offerings, as well as stepping up innovations like thermoregulation.

Earlier this month, the Los Angeles-based manufacturer debuted its latest “inventive” product, AtmoS Denim. The new planet-friendly line is made with 20 percent recycled materials and sustainable fibers, including lyocell. In addition, the manufacturer also used liquid indigo dye and implemented eco-finishing to reduce the hazardous chemical discharge and water consumption in the garment washing process.

Staying one step ahead of the curve, AtmoS also features an innovative technology aspect.

“AtmoS Denim is made with Japanese and sustainable fiber—hollow fiber—using the most advanced innovative technology with approximately 30 percent hollowness (the highest in the industry) combined with cotton and lyocell fiber to create a soft feel and a more durable denim,” said Stephanie Poon, director of marketing and merchandising at TDMI. “The mixture of all these components yields an amazing development that keeps you airy in the summer and cozy in the winter.”

The hollow fiber has a “unique” structure with a hollow center and built-in air spaces that allow for high thermal insulation—leading to temperature regulation. Additionally, the hollow fiber helps trap air in the hollow pockets when it is cold to generate a warmer microclimate for the wearer, while also creating a barrier to shield heat from outside air when it is hot.

The shape of the fiber also reduces the weight of denim while still appearing full and spongy.

“Sustainability shouldn’t just end with production—we want to make sure that the garments produced with our fabrics maintain a level of durability and versatility for the consumer,” said Poon. “The AtmoS collection can adapt to all seasons through its implemented technology. It is a denim we created for everyday use, acclimating with you wherever you adventure while maintaining its shape and comfort for many seasons to come.”

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