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After a five-year hiatus, Twin Dragon Marketing Inc. (TDMI) is making its return to Kingpins Amsterdam this week, the denim manufacturer’s first time back on the show floor since 2018.

Kingpins Amsterdam is the denim industry’s launching pad for new product lines, collaborations and sustainable solutions. The trade show will be held Oct. 18-19 at the SugarFactory, an event venue in Halfweg, Netherlands.

To maximize the Los Angeles-based manufacturer’s presence at Kingpins, Twin Dragon is looking to network with “like-minded” potential collaborators that share its passion for a sustainable future, according to Stephanie Poon, director of marketing and merchandising at TDMI. “Not only do we want to collaborate,” she added, “but we want to be inspired while also inspiring customers, peers and competitors.”

Innovative offerings

In addition to networking with new (and old) faces, Twin Dragon will showcase multiple sustainability-focused innovations, including Zero Cotton, a line of items that omit cotton altogether. TDMI’s Zero Cotton line utilizes “highly sustainable fibers that don’t sacrifice aesthetics or durability.” Additionally, in this group, exhibitors will find 100 percent lyocell and lyocell recycled poly blends, offering sheen, an extremely cooling hand and great wicking capability.

Another collection TDMI will feature is AtmoS Denim, a planet-friendly line made with 100 percent recycled materials and sustainable fibers, including lyocell.

“[AtmoS Denim] is cashmere-soft yet durable, testing high in tear and tensile strength while being easy to care for due to the nature of the fiber construction,” Poon said. “This line also has the great ability to adapt to weather fluctuations. It keeps the wearer cozy in the winter and airy in the summer through its dual functionality: insulation and wicking performance.”

Durawerk, a part of TDMI’s modern workwear line, will also be present. Mimicking the look of heavy-weight rigid styles, Durawerk’s modern fabrics are lightweight, flexible, strong and durable. Various canvases, hickory patterns and a range of unique weaves designed to align with the utility trend—while maintaining their practicality as genuine workwear—will also be on display.

Rounding out the items TDMI will have on display are Cotton-Less, which features fabrics that use more lyocell and recyclable materials to decrease the use of cotton, and its Smart Soft line which encompasses fabrics made with special spinning techniques in the yarn to create a soft and velvety hand feel for added comfort and versatility.

“We hope customers will leave with a positive impression of our brand and view us as a valuable global denim supplier in the industry,” Poon said. “We also hope others will see us as potential partners in achieving mutual success in the denim market. While it’s been a few years since we’ve been on the show floor, we’re excited to be back and showcase our latest innovations.”

Unwrapping the Denim Magic: TDMI’s LA Kitchen Concept at Kingpins Amsterdam!

For those who couldn’t make it, you missed a denim party! Our booth was a dynamic showcase of sustainable fiber processes, unveiling the core ingredients of our eco-friendly denim. We proudly sported denim aprons donning the title ‘denim cook’. It was a nod to the meticulous craftsmanship that goes into each creation. The LA Kitchen Concept was a fusion of style and eco-consciousness, a recipe for denim brilliance. Keep your radar on for more trailblazing TDMI innovations – we’re cooking up something special for the denim world!

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