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Twin Dragon Marketing Inc. (TDMI) is doubling down on its commitment to ethical, transparent cotton sourcing.

“We believe it is crucial to address the topic of visibility and traceability in cotton sourcing, ”said Alexa Shibata, account executive and merchandising at TDMI. “We are committed to avoiding sourcing from regions associated with unethical practices, demonstrating our dedication to moral business conduct.”
In a continued effort to avoid unethical sourcing procedures, TDMI is an avid member of the reputable U.S. Cotton Trust Protocol (USCTP), an organization “setting a new standard” for more sustainably grown cotton.

This commitment is integral to its mission as a denim manufacturer, according to Stephanie Poon, director of marketing and merchandising at TDMI.

“We take pride in crafting fabrics that not only enhance the wearer’s confidence through their appearance and hand but also allow consumers to feel good about making a conscientious and ethical choice,” she said. “We are steadfast in our refusal to engage in any practices that exploit workers within the production chain and all our factories pass social audits ensuring responsible practices.”

Additionally, every item TDMI manufactures is traceable, from the fabric to the yarn down to the cotton. For customers seeking “peace of mind,” the Los Angeles-based manufacturer provides a certificate detailing the fabric’s production origin and the source of the cotton. This commitment not only addresses the concerns of its customers but also contributes to fostering a more responsible future, according to Poon. TDMI also uses diverse cotton sourcing practices, including post-industrial waste, recycled cotton, BCI cotton and pre and post-consumer waste, all with Recycled Claim Standard (RCS) certification.
“By assuring our customers that we support regions with ethical approaches, we actively contribute to sustainable development, promoting social and economic well-being,” she said.

Textile Genesis

In addition to responsibly sourcing its cotton, TDMI utilizes Textile Genesis—a textile supply chain traceability platform powered by technology provider Lectra—to connect with brands and upload traceable cotton data for the fabric it ships. Textile Genesis allows the apparel industry to enable brands looking to achieve their sustainability goals and supply chain transparency with a fully-digital mapping of their textiles.

“Since implementing Textile Genesis in 2022, we’ve been able to verify the origin of fibers, giving our customers a clear picture of where all the materials are coming from,” Poon said.
While TDMI has taken substantial steps toward transparent cotton sourcing, the manufacturer has no plans to slow down these efforts anytime soon.
“Along with integrating various eco-friendly cotton options, we will be offering a new cotton initiative next year,” said Poon. “We anticipate that more of our customers will embrace this, pushing our sustainability endeavors forward. Exact details will be disclosed when we are ready to launch, so stay tuned.”

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