New spinning technology creates classic vintage models with soft hand feel

Our mission to sustainable production is managed from every step of the process and yarn spinning is part of it. By integrating yarn production among different locations, we are able to directly control and trace the origin of fiber and production more easily.

Our Eco Modern Heritage Collection utilizes eco essential fibers and innovative spinning techniques. We combine our engineered comfort constructions with an eco finish, achieving a classic vintage aesthetic in a modern way. USCTP, Tencel/Lyocell, recycled cotton, and Repreve are big players in helping us achieve that goal. Our superior spinning technology Smart Soft 2.0, 2.5 and 3.0 and the utilization of green fibers create the base of a classic vintage marble look with soft hand feel.

Fabrics have Environmental Impact Measurement (EIM) ratings of 16 to 26, perfect for sustainable garment washes through the use of lasers and ozone treatments. Lasers eliminate the need for hand sanding and potassium permanganate. The specific ozone treatments and machines replace bleach and stones.

Through the new technology, we are able to use 30% less chemicals, water, and energy compared to conventional washes.

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